Aboriginal Motif Mosaic

Lady Cutler South


Brigid Palin & Community Members


This work can be accessed from the Tracker Riley Cycle Path, a poular spot for locals to exercise and take in the fresh air along the river bank. The path is named after Alexander 'Tracker' Riley, a well respected and most famous of the Aboriginal Trackers used by local police to guide them through the rough country of the region. Though vital to the operation of the police, and safety of the community, they often did not receive the respect they deserved.


One of a series of community developed works, designed to foster ties amongst residents of the area and beautify the city's infrastructure. This project was coordinated by Brigid Palin. 

Lateesha Nolan Memorial

Sandy Beach


Designed by Dylan Goolagng and manufactured by David Little Welding.


A memorial to Lateesha Nolan, murdered in 2005. The memorial is inspired by Lateesha's life and the cultural practice of carved trees by Aboriginal groups from this region.